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That is why I like Charlie Munger's quotes.

Charlie T. Munger, 95 years old, was kind enough to give 2 hours long talk at Daily Journal Shareholder Meeting on 14 February 2019. His opening speech, for first 20 minutes, was high quality lecture for young people like us.
I like one comment from Charlie T. Munger from that day:
“My idea of being properly educated is being right when the professor is wrong. Anyone can just spit back what the professor is saying. It takes a really educated person to think for themselves.” This comment is a music to my ears. More or less, I had similar thought when I visited the audiologist appointment last Tuesday to buy new hearing aids (replacing aging ones). There is reading test, whereby her folder was covered her lips upon reading each word (thereafter, i repeat the word). This was done to identify how suitable the brand of the hearing aid is for me. The first two brands are very familiar. She gave sensible analogy that someone may like Android phone and someone else may like iphone. It sound r…

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