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Last Saturday, I was reading 'Warren Buffett Shareholder: Stories from inside the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting' book. Lawrence Cunningham and Stephanie Cuba, the author of that book, have done well to arrange the the stories of people being affected by BRK's annual meeting. I finished reading the whole book in one day.
Jim Rosss There is one story from 'Readers' chapter - Jim Ross. As for myself, when I visited Omaha for the first time, I flew with Southwest Airlines to Eppley Airfield. Even though I walked around Eppley Airfield to find A&W branch (Singapore has no A&W for 18 years since the last branch in Singapore closed), I still cannot recall where the bookstore, that is managed by Jim Ross, is located at.
Jim Ross had the desire to meet the customers' demand. As the number of visitors (for BRK annual meeting) increase, he learnt that the customers' demand outstripped his supply for specific books. Learning the reason why it is the case, h…

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