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Inflation - Transitory or Permanent?

For the early years of past 10 years, inflation was not my biggest concern. Starting from late 2021, the inflation was going to be main concern - 2 digits figure is very likely. It is most likely to be caused by wage sprial and supply shortage. The key question, whether it is transitory or permanent, is the most discussed one. I would like to blend the latter answer with time perspective. Depending on the monetary policy making on the global level, I feel that it will take minimum 1 full year to resolve the supply shortage first before the new 'equilibrium' can be established in the labour market. In this sense, it is more of short run permanent inflation. As mentioned in my previous blog post, I re-read BRK annual letter 1980 and Fortune 1977 article, both being written by Warren Bufett. I do appreciate that inflation is a invisible tax that affect everybody. This cannot be circumvented by incurring real tax deduction expenses/activities (that works well for the real tax that

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